Something more creative than "Happy 2019"

Didn't make it to midnight last night. I tried. I wanted to! But I'm either deathly allergic to Joshua Trees or whatever drippy face sickness I've acquired was exacerbated by sequins and glitter. Definitely not the bourbon. After mopping my face for an hour at the bar, I finally ordered food to go and was falling asleep to the Office, eating an entire order of jalapeƱo poppers, alone, in bed by 10:30pm. And I was 1000% okay with it... Is this what growing up feels like?

It also may have been the first time I wasn't hungover in at least 10 years on New Years. Or on a Tuesday.

I did take about 7 different kinds of cold medicine and had a dissociative panic attack driving back to LA.

Regardless, time to look back and reflect on the past 365 days, for better or for worse.

PERSONAL HIGHLIGHTS OF 2018, in no particular order

Went running 6 times
Went to Mardi Gras
Got a tattoo that is very meaningful and also looks like a tapeworm
Stopped taking antidepressants
Got dumped, twice, by the same person
Started taking antidepressants again
Went to Mexico City!
Yelped restaurant reviews from the top of the Pyramid of the Moon
Learned how to use an espresso machine (thanks Stephen!)
Made out on the lawn of the Texas capital at 4am (thanks Zan!)
Adopted two adorable kittens (it's official!)
Took time off to "be a writer"
Maxed out my unemployment
Got my first job in a writers room!
Started making minimum wage
Wrote my first (public) blog
Finished my first (terrible) pilot script
Went to Hawaii, AND Costco, for the first time, on the same trip!
Went to Austin Film Fest as a filmmaker #fishbowlmovie
Went to the last Warped Tour
Saw Dear Evan Hansen
Lost a great new friend
Let go of a toxic friend
Had a major fight with a friend that almost ended our relationship over the concept of social security numbers
Moved into a bungalow that I love, in a neighborhood that I love, with a roommate that I love, next to some girls that I love
Founded Sew What Club, Ltd.
Only slept with two people!
Oh shit, no, 3 people.
See, this is why I have to keep the list on my phone, and why I doubt that the number is accurate.
A bunch of other stuff.
Have probably forgotten lots of things from 2018
Still have not shaved my legs

Happy 2019!
Last photo of 2018 - 12/31/18 - 10:43pm


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  1. Is that a crystal? Hahaha
    And don't feel bad I literally passed out early to the office on bye too. I'm OK with it. Welcome to not giving a shit.


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