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End of Year Progress Report

How's your life going? Well the mites are back and I’m single, so that must mean one thing – time to revisit ye old blog.  Hello, my name is Meg, I’m about "1 hot toddy, and two refills of a coffee mug of straight bourbon" in on this glorious Sunday eve. I’ve been using the day as a string of distractions to not continue binging YOU – a show to which I am very late, and also just want a stalker to be my boyfriend because at least they are interested in me. Also helps if you’re Penn Badgley though. Ugly stalkers need not apply. It has been two years since I “started” this blog (read: wrote a few times and then got a new job and back together with the ex, rendering me no time or motivation to do anything for myself).… or in the words of my friend and former roommate Bear Sharktopus: “What happened to the unshaven legs thing? I was looking forward to reading about you. You probably started getting dick huh? That’s my guess.” I wanted to write back, AND A JOB. But he’s not wr

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